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Tiger Woods Putter

No Impact At All

I was getting up to speed on this year’s British Open yesterday… hoping to see Tom Watson make another historic run at the championship… when I came across this article concerning Tiger Wood’s personal life and how it might effect his game this weekend… Woods, who will attempt to win for the third time at … Continue reading

CREATIVE PROCESS: Chronicles Series Leading into this series we had a few specific goals as a team. The six week series would have three different speakers and cover an assortment of themes (which would not really build upon on another) and were only connected via the fact that they fall into the category of Parables. … Continue reading

Top 5 (Holiday Movies)

Alrighty, here we go.. keep it cordial now.. it can get pretty heated when holiday classics are on the line, but I expect good stuff here so don’t pony up some dud like Reindeer Games. In case you were wondering… here is the official Top 5. 5. A Christmas Story 4. Scrooged 3. Home Alone … Continue reading