Top 5 (Holiday Movies)

Alrighty, here we go.. keep it cordial now.. it can get pretty heated when holiday classics are on the line, but I expect good stuff here so don’t pony up some dud like Reindeer Games. In case you were wondering… here is the official Top 5.

5. A Christmas Story

4. Scrooged

3. Home Alone

2. Christmas Vacation

1. Muppet Christmas Carol (as if you couldn’t guess)

(honorable mention: gremlins, die hard (1&2), elf & trading places)


9 Responses to “Top 5 (Holiday Movies)”
  1. Christopher says:

    I can’t believe you did not include the cinematic masterpiece “Ernest Saves Christmas” (1988)

    Ernest, a sweet simple taxi driver is given the daunting task of helping Santa find a replacement. With unexpected twists and turns the movie will have you at the edge of your seat. Ernest soon becomes Santa’s only hope to save Christmas. I don’t want to give away the ending. I think I may even have said too much already.

    I believe it was directed by Stanley Kubrick’s neighbor’s drycleaner’s son or a classmate of his.

  2. elf
    polar express
    wonderful life
    rudolph the red-nose reindeer… vintage edition (okay, it’s a cartoon, but i’m still counting it)
    how the grinch stole christmas.

  3. Giant Idiot says:

    My High School Government teacher handed out a list around the holidays on what Democracts and Republicans do around the holidays. One item was favorite holiday movie. For Dems it had “It’s A Wonderful Life” and for Repubs it was the original “Miracle on 34th Street” with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood. For Super Repubs their favorite Christmas movie is “Die Hard”, which happens to be my Grandma’s favorite movie ever and yes when it comes to politics she is to the right of me.

    My top 5 in no order:

    Christmas Story
    It’s a Wonderful Life
    Miracle on 34th Street
    Die Hard
    Rocky IV

  4. Aaron says:

    You mean there are other Christmas movies Besides National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

  5. annie says:

    You can’t beat Christmas Vacation. Instead of sentimental traditions at Christmas, my family and I watch Clark and Uncle Eddie and scream, “that’s you, Dad!” Also, after last night, I will definitely be adding Four Christmases. I went to see this instant classic last night. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe!!! It was hysterical!!!

  6. krista says:

    5. Rudolph
    4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)
    3. Christmas Vacation
    2. ELF!!!!!!!!!
    1. Muppet Christmas Carol

    MCC is my FAVORITE…i watch it every Christmas Eve. Michael Caine rules, great music, and i LOVE the “It Feels Like Christmas” song w. the Ghost of Christmas Present. ahh such a happy movie 🙂

  7. krista says:

    that link didn’t copy all the way…my bad

  8. bradruggles says:

    I agree with Christopher, gotta include Ernest Saves Christmas. And if I made my list I would have to include Elf at the top with How The Grinch Stole Christmas somewhere in there…for the kids. Ok, fine, I love that movie too.

  9. Robert says:

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