CREATIVE PROCESS: Chronicles Series

Leading into this series we had a few specific goals as a team. The six week series would have three different speakers and cover an assortment of themes (which would not really build upon on another) and were only connected via the fact that they fall into the category of Parables. We stayed away from the idea of simply calling the series “Parables” because we wanted to inspire how all of these stories are not isolated, but rather a part of the larger story that Christ is inviting us to understand through Parables. After landing on the title ‘CHRONICLES’,the art direction we drew from was from films like Big Fish, Neverending Story, and Benjamin Button to name a few. We liked how these films, both visually and literally,  cast a familiar warmth over their audience through the art of storytelling. So we talked a lot about that idea of storytelling… which led to discussions about older forms of print… which is how we landed on using a Letter Press look for the design. We also liked the idea of how the different style letters would play to our various topics, speakers etc. The A Group delivered a great interpretation of our ideas and we began brainstorming ideas for video elements to support the series.

The idea was once again since we had several different speakers and topics throughout the series… it would be great to have an introductory piece each week that would visually tie the series together. Since we had the relatively short content of the actual parable in hand, we decided to use each of those as the content to set the stage for the speaker each week… thus each communicator could launch right into pulling the scripture apart and giving application rather than spending time on actually reading the passage. I went back to the Neverending Story and remembered how mysterious that old bookstore at the beginning of the film was, and how that incredible story was hidden away in a mountain of other books in this boutique shop. So we found a little book shop in town and cast resident thespian Tom Tyndall as our bard and shot him reciting each weeks parable. Lastly, as soon as we had the graphic we set out on trying to film some action inside an actual antique press house. Hatch Show Print came through huge. They are actually half museum and half active print shop that has become a destination for music and print enthusiasts worldwide. It was high stress as they could only give us about 10 minutes of time in the shop… but I think it turned out to be some great footage and really connects the video pieces well to all our print.


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