No Impact At All

Tiger Woods PutterI was getting up to speed on this year’s British Open yesterday… hoping to see Tom Watson make another historic run at the championship… when I came across this article concerning Tiger Wood’s personal life and how it might effect his game this weekend…

Woods, who will attempt to win for the third time at the Old Course when the 139th Open Championship begins Thursday, fielded 17 questions that were in some way related to events surrounding his personal life, including how he expected it to impact his week at St. Andrews.

“It doesn’t impact it at all,” Woods said. “I’m here to play a championship, and this is the Open Championship at St. Andrews. I mean, this is as good as it gets. It’s the home of golf. I’m just like every other player in this field, really looking forward to getting out there and playing the Open Championship.” (read the rest of the article HERE)

Wood’s answer I guess is expected… most athletes would cite not allowing anything personal getting in the way of their performance on the field. But for some reason it just really struck me as sad. Sad that in the midst of his personal failure, a fracturing family, and the reality of the absence of loved ones… that it would truly have “no impact at all.”

I know we cherish the focused determination of a performer or an athlete to excel through all adversities. We love stories of individuals who have risen from the depths of desperate circumstances to achieve goals that seem downright supernatural. But should winning championships today come at the cost of losing our relationships tomorrow. It seems like this complete separation between personal life and ‘professional’ might be at the root of a lot of problems. And not just for the world of sports and entertainment, but for anyone who chooses to fully compartmentalize these to areas of their life. The discipline of not allowing our personal lives to impact every aspect of our public ones for the sake of performance or success could be slowly corrupting our personal life and the relationships within it.

So I wrote this truth for my life and wonder if it holds true for anyone else…

The more I throttle the amount of impact my personal life has over my public life, the more I loose influence within my personal life.

One Response to “No Impact At All”
  1. Tim R Ormond says:

    hey Matt… Tim Ormond (from the Ormond family on Central Av.). One of these days I’ll stop by the church… IN THE MEAN TIME, thought you might want to sneak this video in on Pete sometime. I made it for him years and years ago, he’s seen it in recent years, though I doubt many others have…

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