CREATIVE PROCESS: Chronicles Series Leading into this series we had a few specific goals as a team. The six week series would have three different speakers and cover an assortment of themes (which would not really build upon on another) and were only connected via the fact that they fall into the category of Parables. … Continue reading

What makes Christmas….

So, about to do a video this week about the things that people need to feel good about Christmas. The stuff that you do every year that makes Christmas feel ‘right’ to you. For me it’s obviously a movie… specifically… Muppet Christmas Carol. If I don’t watch this classic at least once during the holiday … Continue reading

Everything Dream Job

It’s been a fun series… a bit of a break form the norm. It leaves me with one certainty however… I would definitely rather have my toenails removed than have to cut reality television all the time. With that said, enjoy all things ‘dream job’…