No Impact At All

Tiger Woods Putter

I was getting up to speed on this year’s British Open yesterday… hoping to see Tom Watson make another historic run at the championship… when I came across this article concerning Tiger Wood’s personal life and how it might effect his game this weekend… Woods, who will attempt to win for the third time at … Continue reading

Top 5 (Holiday Movies)

Alrighty, here we go.. keep it cordial now.. it can get pretty heated when holiday classics are on the line, but I expect good stuff here so don’t pony up some dud like Reindeer Games. In case you were wondering… here is the official Top 5. 5. A Christmas Story 4. Scrooged 3. Home Alone … Continue reading

Nursury Colors?

So Holly and I went for our third ultrasound this morning and after 45 minutes of Holly having to twist & turn (there was even a handstand involved) the baby finally posed briefly for an intimate snapshot. All initial reports and surveillance were correct and Holly and I are proud to announce that we a … Continue reading